Saturday, January 07, 2006

Blunt Republican Corruption Never DeLay (ed) We are Frist!

I grope on the coast, play the dope in Texas; In Florida I enforce fundamentalist sugarcane slavery. I am the new Republican Congressional nightmare of corruption. I lick the soles of Abramoff's feet for nourishment. I am the Frist to admit that I am Blunt and do not beat around the Bush. Gimme your money, America, for you are too damned stupid to stop me. There is no neocon. This is the same game we ran in the 70's with hyperinflation; in the 80's looting the S&L's (big pile of cash to Republican Senator Johnny McCain!-Mr. Ethics, my ass.); in the 90's with Wall Street shell game capitalism. Now, in the new century, after we devour your personal wealth, we show you a blood lust that will only end with your enslavement.