Wednesday, June 30, 2004



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Notletngo said...

Center for Cooperative Research has posted a new project and several new timelines.

June 13, 2004
New project: "Torture, rendition, and other abuses against captives in Iraq, Afghanistan, and elsewhere."
Timeline | Project home

New timelines: US Knowledge of Iraq Chemical Warfare in 1980s

Updated timelines: 2004 Ousting of Aristide. Roughly 20 entries were added concerning human rights violations that the new government has perpetrated against supporters of Aristide. The timelines pertaining to US involvement in South-east Asia have also been touched up.

In the works: A timeline on Bush's environmental record, a new update for the 911 timeline, entity-relationship mapping for the 911 timeline, a timeline on the environmental impact of the WTC collapse, and another update to the Aristide timeline. We are also hoping to develop a detailed and comprehensive timeline on Percy Schmeiser's experience with Monsanto

Financial situation: The financial situation continues to be dire. The amount of work that goes into developing this site and its content is incredible. We need to be working on this full-time, but without funds, it just isn't possible. If we had a yearly budget of $100K, amazing things would happen here. For example, the torture timeline would have been published four weeks ago, the "US Knowledge of Iraq Chemical Warfare" timeline would have been posted five weeks ago, we would have a timeline on the administration's assault on the environment published and Paul's 911 timeline would include the latest information. Instead we're operating on less than a tenth of that amount. This is a major problem. Your donation is needed today!

Help needed: We are looking for someone with experience using xsl:fo or latex technology. Specifically we need helping developing an application that would produce footnoted, indexed pdf reports. We also need volunteers for a variety of other tasks.