Sunday, April 24, 2005

9 Students Write Book on Class and Politics in Britain

9 Students Write Book on Class and Politics in Britain: "Race, class, and gender in the British perspective.
Lawrence '00 and Mello '00 are from Madison, Wisconsin, and Kensington, California, respectively. Their London classmates were Ariel Heitler '00 of New York City, and Ty Moore '01 of Bainbridge, Island, Washington, and now-alumni Lakshmi Ramakrishnan '99, Polly Dondy-Kaplan '99, Mary Jerzak '99, and Alex Levine '99.
Based in central London, the nine discerned and analyzed class relations in their environment through books and newspapers, observations of daily life, and exposure to theater, film, and the media. They also were able to travel to Yorkshire to study first hand the effects of a dramatic class conflict that has devastated entire mining communities. "

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