Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Obama and Civil Liberties, Torture, Patriot Act

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irish said...

I hope Obama has a change of heart on foreign policy issues by not showing his out rage to the disproportional attack on innocent women and children in Gaza Palestine 1,330 people Killed over 300 children and 1000, women and 5,500 wounded many disabled for life to the 13 Israeli killed 3 by friendly fire by Israelis own forces 3 civilians and the rest Solders of the IDF plus firing on UN buildings holding civilians killing women and children plus the damage done to the infrastructure totalling 2billion $ with- holding medical supplies food and humanitarian Aid by not opening the boarder crossings cutting of electric and water supplies what have women children and babies got to do with American foreign policy in the middle east I was hoping for change but we got the leavings of bush administration if Israel is Americas friend who better to tell them that they are wrong!