Monday, August 16, 2004

Incest, The Shame of Blue Blood: Perilous Presidential Politics

Kucinich - I voted for him in the primary and think he is the only progressive white guy in the Democratic Party holding federal office. Since California is not yet a swing state, I'll probably vote Green, or Peace and Freedom.

I was talking to an avowed Roosevelt Democrat who is leaning toward Bush because we need his "strong leadership in the fight against terror." Is this terrifying or what?

What's it mean if Kerry and Bush are both descendent's of Henry III? { } Since both of them express "degenerative" genetic characteristics associated with "royal" inbreeding (hey! we're royalty not trash - that's why we don't call it incest!), it means that for the next four years we will be moving closer to either complete tyranny or some kind of American hybrid of German state capitalism which gave birth to Hitler.

I'll bet Cheney and Ashcroft, and perhaps Rumsfeld, are cousins on the Charles III branch: that's the gaunt and leafless branch above that huge mound of guana that protects Bush and keeps him serene in his sociopathic stupor.

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