Friday, August 13, 2004

ZNet |Iraq | Najaf

ZNet |Iraq | Najaf: "Adrian Blomfield of the Telegraph visited Sadr City: �That civilians are being killed by US troops is not in doubt. In a pool of blood on a hospital operating room floor yesterday, doctors were battling to save the life of six-year-old Ali Hussain�shot in the belly� by soldiers in a US tank. The doctors said, �We have had at least 20 dead brought in today.� (Telegraph, 12 Aug., p. 12)

Mehdi Nouri, a shopkeeper in Sadr City, said: �The Americans can never win us back now. The Americans are frightened of ordinary Iraqi people, that is why they hate us. We are frightened of them, that is why we hate them. In such a situation we can only see death and more deaths. We are begging the Americans to leave.� (Telegraph, 12 Aug., p. 12)"

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