Friday, January 04, 2008

Spears Alba Hilton Lost Test NSA Terror watch Test CIA FBI Fighting Who 9/11 United Way Test Grateful Dead versus Bob Dylan versus jokester Rumsfeld

Rumsfeld spoke to the spooks in such a way that, like Powell, they sought solice in many escapist features of Powerpoint as Cheney goosed his heart beat and stepped over the fetally curled and thumb sucking president. New York Times timed all to coincide with power elite powerpointed presentation tools to Washington Post's babelocracy.
Do they read what it says or do they just color code everything that is sustainably colorful in the sense that color is color and therefore color is colorful except when color isn't colorful in which case colorful isn't color and therefore isn't colorful enough. And let's not get started on colour and its ilk.

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