Thursday, May 26, 2005

Calpine Power Shortage / GMAC / Paris Barricades

  • If the world has become overly laden with irony obscured by absurdity, this article about Calpine has great heuristic value in one's search for lucidity. After all, you cannot have lucidity without insanity.
    Whoah, there's more, GMAC makes the news with a deal which, should you suffer a moment of rational insight, an economic epiphany so to speak, will help you understand how the boys at GM plan to protect THEIR capital from the inevitable collapse of their retirement Ponzi play.
  • Substitute GOP for GM, Social Security for benefits Ponzi play, and you be getting the picture. Sadly, getting the picture does not prevent getting the shaft. You'll have to hit the streets and bleed before this looting is stopped.
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