Saturday, May 14, 2005

Frist Follows Nazi Christian Template

This is a generic computer translation. The search = "Deutsche Christen" The result, below is a taste, will sicken and chill you if you have been following the GOPer alliance with the evangelical right.

Christian and Jew 1933-1945
The Evangelical-Lutheran church in the national socialism

"praise large God we you" example from "entjudeten" version of the German-Christian gesangbuches, Weimar 1941

"bell ring and thank services" - that was the reaction in numerous churches of Schleswig-Holstein, when Adolf Hitler arrived on 30 January 1933 at power. The extra large majority of the Evangelical-Lutheran church - belonged to the more than 90 per cent of the Schleswig Holsteiner - welcomed the national socialism . In view of the broken relationship of the church to the Weimar Republic that did not surprise. Those had nevertheless terminated Weimar condition the connection of state and church in the person of the national gentleman, valid since the reformation. By the November revolution ( sailor rebellion ) and the following democracy the church saw the lutherische authority priority as to a large extent destroyed on. Already in the middle of the 1920er years welcomed the schleswig holsteinische regional church openly the voelkischen Antisemitismus. After 1933 the few Christians of Jewish origin were increasingly expenditure-bordered.

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